The Pakistan Gemstone & Minerals Association (PGMA) is a mining and trade organization recognized by the Ministry of Commerce. It is registered in 2010 under Trade Organisation Ordinance 2007-2009 with a mandate to represent the gems, minerals, and mining sector of Pakistan with its head office in Gilgit-Baltistan.

The Pakistan Gemstone & Minerals Association (PGMA) is also registered with registrar joint-stock companies Gilgit-Baltistan under section 42 of the companies ordinance 1984 and affiliated with Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) under the existing trade organizations ordinance. It is comprised of the general body consisting of associate members and corporate members, members an executive committee and chairman, senior vice chairman, and vice-chairman. Currently, the strength of members of the general body of PGMA is nine hundred. It has a valid National Tax Number (NTN) and STRN. The membership base of PGMA is spread all over Pakistan. Total number of members of PGMA is three hundred

The strength of the executive committee of Pakistan Gemstone & Minerals Association of Mining, Processing, and Trade (PGMA) is thirty. The composition of office bearers of PGMA is as under.

Senior Vice Chairman
Two Zonal Chairmen
The Head office of PGMA is located at Dar Plaza, Gilgit. The PGMA has two zonal offices, the northern and southern zone. The office of the northern zone of PGMA is located in Islamabad and the southern zonal office is situated in Karachi, Sindh. Additionally, PGMA has a regional office in Skardu, Baltistan recently to facilitate the members of PGMA hailing from the Baltistan region. The number of paid employees of PGMA is three which consists of


Accountant, and

Office Boy